Linguistic (?) misunderstandings

NaPoWriMo prompt: write a poem that contain at least five words in other languages

said the charming mand
It should have been an Adieau.
Then he put her bare fótur
on the wet grass
– it had just stopped raining –
his winning move.
She would not have forgotten him
so easily;
his old sciarpa around his nek,
in a funk for sudden storm
always “no entiendo” for
critical situations.
Eyes wide open,
even while you sleep,
a slap across your face,
no shared dreams.
Smiles out of time,
complaints on time,
schemi of a hug.
“How can you get cold?
We are in a Croatian praia!”
“The sun has gone…”
“It’s too early to be afraid to die”
Babay” you said
It should have been an Adieau.


One thought on “Linguistic (?) misunderstandings

  1. Tschüss (German) -> bye
    Mand (Danish) -> man
    adieau (French) -> farewell
    fótur (Icelander) -> foot
    sciarpa (Italian) -> scarf
    nek (Dutch) -> neck
    no entiendo (Spanish) -> I do not understand
    schemi (Italian) -> schemes
    praia (Portuguese) -> beach
    babay (Haitian Creole) – bye


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